Mathias Verraes

Temporal Modelling

with Mathias Verraes


Event Storming, Event Sourcing, CQRS, messaging, distributed systems … In one way or another, they’re all about time. Traditional modelling styles, focused on things and structures, are not the primary way anymore to build modern systems that handle complexity well. Object-oriented models tend to have an uneasy relation with events happening over time. The actual business processes, the heart of how organisations operate, end up hidden in the many calls between objects.

Temporal Modelling is the cure: build models and systems that make events and processes the first class building blocks of a domain model.

Part practical Event Storming, part theory on CQRS, this workshop aims to give you a kickstart in building better models, together with the domain experts, using the Ubiquitous Language.


Basic experience with Domain-Driven Design is helpful but not essential. Programming language agnostic.