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Tom Janssens solves business problems by building software and helps organisations to get better at building software. He is also one of the founders of Domain Driven Design Belgium. He explores and cross-contaminates ideas from different languages and platforms; over the years he has been using languages like C#, F#, JavaScript, Erlang, Elixir and Haskell, and he is currently studying Idris. Other aspects include start-ups, BDD, DDD, CQRS and tackling legacy software. When Tom is not working for his startup, he is consulting clients and occasionally dumping random opinionated blurbs on his blog.

Hands-on: Jef & Tom's Awesome Modellathon

Tom Janssens & Jef Claes

The Model v2.0 alpha
(Inspired by Kraftwerk - The Model)

I love to model and it's looking good
I'll turn it into code that is well understood
It might be hard to get, is wrong from time to time
It takes a new design approach to change your mind

Modellathon today, bring out the modelling brain
Check out other models and then analyze again
Look at other groups and steal from what they share
And finally emerges a modelling bouquet

It might become a challenge every now and then
But think and be creative, give the best you can
At the end of this session you will hopefully see
That modelling is fun, so drop by with Jef & me