Yves Reynhout

The Journeylist

Recorded at Domain-Driven Design 2016, January 26-29, Brussels

Talk: Amongst Models

There's been much talk of DDD, its tactical and strategic approaches to design, its abstract notions. Yet some perceive it as empty words or gold plating, and are at a loss when it comes to its value proposition. This talk brings a unique and practical perspective on what it is like, this experience of building up models, fleshing out designs and growing a common understanding of the various problem domains at play, guided by language, expertise and boundaries.

Hands-on: Projections Explained

Namasté ... come and meet BeauForma, the company you wished you worked for, and while you're at it, get an introduction in how to design, author and test projections for your next DDD/CQRS/ES project, hands-on. Bring a computer and pair up with a buddy.


He's a very passionate human being, passionate about what he does and how he lives his life. Apart from the constant improvement of his skillset, he also gives back, sharing what he's learned. Loyal, "firm but fair", empathic are traits people have come to associate with him. Though getting results is what counts, he fully realizes the journey is what gets us there.

His past work involved building web-native, multi-user products with enterprise scale features such as high configurability by end users, authentication & authorization, printing & reporting, integration with third parties & devices using both messaging and remote procedure calls. He analyzed, designed, documented, fleshed out models, architected solutions into bite-sized portions, wrote automated test specifications at the unit, integration, story, and UI level, wrote code at every layer and tier in the stack, scripted deployments and engaged in the operational side of running software at customer sites, all in order to satisfy requirements and customer happiness.

As a technical and team lead, he bridged the gap between product owner, technology, team, problems and solutions. Facilitator during agile planning meetings, teacher during coding dojos, presenter during knowledge transfer sessions, are but a few of his past efforts. It's safe to say that, throughout his career, teaching and learning have been the only constants.